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WEREWOLF SPELLS AND THEIR REALITY. For Native Americans, werewolves were known as Skin-walkers that is; a person imbued with the spirit and has the ability to turn, possess, or disguise him or herself as an animal. They generally turn to true forms of any animal.

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The werewolf does not necessarily mean a wolf but the ability to change one’s shape or form into an animal-alike through magical or spiritual means. A werewolf can be any creature or a human with the ability to shape-shift into a wolf or any animal because of either their intentions or other forces.

By history

It is maintained that werewolves shape-shifted at will due to a curse, others state that they transformed with the help of an enchanted wolf’s pelt or skin. Also, others claim people became wolves after being bitten by a werewolf. I assure you that none of those arguments have correct explanations on how the transformations were done. But as you continue reading this article, the truth about werewolf will be revealed to you.

Peter Stubbe also known as Stumpp, a wealthy German farmer in the fifteenth century was nicknamed “the wolf of Bedburg”. He is taken to be the most notorious werewolf ever lived on earth. According to folklore, he turned into a wolf-like creature at night and devoured many people just like Bed-burgs do.

Peter was eventually blamed for the gruesome killings after being cornered by hunters who claimed they saw him shape-shift from wolf to human form. He experienced a grisly execution after confessing under torture to savagely killing animals, men, women, and children and also eating their remains. He also declared he had been involved in witchcraft since he was 12years. That he also owned an enchanted belt that gave him the power to transform into a wolf at his will. Not surprisingly, the belt was never found. However, this is a true story, but no one revealed what Peter “the wolf of bedbug” used. I made thorough research through spirits and ancient books about werewolves and their transformations, the secrets I got are so phenomenal.

Some humans turn into a wolf-like animal in reality, while others just feel or possess a state of lycanthropy (a psychiatric condition in which a person believes he is a wolf).


There are two major ways by which you can become a werewolf. The first is when you decide to become one, and the second one is against your will, maybe someone cast a werewolf spell on you. Some people believe that to become a werewolf, you have to be bitten by it. What if it bites, eats you, and finishes you, will you still exist?

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If you really wish to become a wolf-like animal, don’t think you are the only one. There are so many people who have requested this spell. Forget about the werewolves you watch on TV movies or series, those are just hallucinations. Werewolf spells are real and they are custom-made based on the intent of my client. There are some clients who don’t want to change completely, Some wish to look like a half-like wolf and human, some wish to look just weird or something funny, others want only their legs to shape-shift. Also, someone may just need to only have the speed which the werewolf without shape-shifting.

Before these spells are cast on you, I first warn you. These spells should be respected and taken seriously; they are spells that work, and this is true from my experience.


This question purposely goes to you who wishes to become one. Yes, I may cast on you the spell, but why do you want to shape-shift? Remember, if you become one, you could devour any kind of creature that could move around you. So it is not the right decision that you just wake up one day from bed and make.

This is something crucial you have to think about and make a thorough analysis as to why you need to. Shape-shifting is all about life not only the body. So Note this! I don’t cast these spells on whoever requests them. I do it for you on the basis of your intent. If your intents are not among the following, then there is no way I can cast the werewolf spells for you. That is; need to be famous or funny, win sports games(being fast and perfect), protect against the spell, remove the spell cast on you, and also if you need anything that will not affect you or your people.


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As it is said, “even the best dancer leaves the stage”. So one could reach a time when all he or she wanted is done or fulfilled then there is no way one should insist in that life. Maybe one could be tired of that being. The werewolf spells can be custom-made to remove lycanthropy from him or her. All the psychiatric characteristics and abilities of the werewolf are removed permanently.


There might be a coincidence where someone might cast a werewolf spell onto you. This is most hurting because he or she must have done it maliciously to your life. However, you can avoid such situations to happen by finding a true spell caster who can do all rituals as required to remove the werewolf being from someone. This is not something they burnish away with just words, it involves detaching the werewolf being from the imbued and then imparting it in the wolves or any other animal.


Yes, you have received the spells, and now it’s time you need to transform. This is not something I can explain to you properly through writing that you will understand me now, No. You will understand it better when I directly interact with you through WhatsApp, or Imo video or call at the time when I am to cast the spells for you.


This could be a familiar instruction to you and you can cast the spells on your own. I cannot assure you that you will shape-shift or attain the werewolf characteristics because you may not be able to fulfill all the requirements. These free spells work if the one casting them has a positive attitude about them that he or she can as well be possessed by the spiritual powers. However, the procedures are as below;


Nighttime, full moon, basin, water


Go outside in the night of a full moon. It does not matter whether you are wearing clothes. Draw a circle and stay amid it with a basin filled with water. Recite the following words 33 times. After every recitation, spit some saliva in the water. Then pour that water on yourself when all the 33 times are done.

Say these 30 times, “Spirits of the moon, I wish to be both a wolf and man, I will turn every full moon. I will use the werewolf powers to…………., …(speak your intentions)………. . This is my will so let it be!”




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