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For a proper Analysis of the issue mentioned above,I will need the names, origin and photos of the person seeking for my services so that I offered a perfect spell for you. All the services are custom made basing on the individual and their root spirits. The information collected from the clients and the ones who otherwise choose not to be my clients is kept with absolute care and it’s only accessed by me. In situations where I need to confirm or change the appointment times, I will contact the client.


Privacy and confidentiality is key to protect both the interests of the person who is casting the spell and the one being casted on the spell. Spells can be casted physically at the temple or using the technological options of WhatsApp, email, IMO or Skype. Spell services.

When thinking about privacy and confidentiality in the research context, distinctions should be made between the two issues. Privacy refers to persons and to their interest in controlling access of others to themselves. Privacy can be thought in terms of having control over the extent, timing, and circumstances of sharing oneself (physically, behaviorally, or intellectually) with others. Confidentiality is an extension of the concept of privacy, but it refers to the research participant’s understanding of (and agreement to) the ways that their identifiable information will be stored and shared. Identifiable information can include printed information, electronic data or media, or visual information (photographs, video records, etc.). The bottom line: Privacy refers to people; Confidentiality refers to data about people.

All the preferred options give you 100% results guaranteed with no backfire and no side effects.

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