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Frequently Asked Questions


I have stated this several times in most of my articles and the about me page. What you should know most is that spell casting is my job. So I take the responsibility to make sure the spells I cast work effectively as to my clients’ intent.


Sometimes I might delay replying your message on whatsapp. But just know i value you just like any other client who contacts me direct.  Always follow protocol to work on clients as they have queued in the line. The clients who want their issues to be worked on as soon as possible go ahead by also calling my direct line and they explain their problems to me.

It is a matter of hours before your spells become part of my schedule and spell casting.


One who casts spells using magic and it takes effect as he/she desires he can also be called sorcerer.

The kind of magic that is put onto someone to impair their thoughts and decisions in favour of the person who cast the spell, they can be done for both good and bad intentions.

Yes someone absolutely can cast a spell on you. Whether you would know about it or not is another matter.

If you are experienced in witchcraft and spell casting you may be able to recognise the signs of work being done against you. Anyone proficient in the craft however, will have a decent protection system in place, meaning the spell will be unlikely to cause any serious effect. Some even go so far as to set up shielding, meaning the magick bounces right back to source.

YES spells are real and it’s not something that is to be taken for granted because spells are used by so many people in private and secret. most of them don’t want others to know when they cast the spell thats why its and always has been a secret between the person casting the spell and the person who is casting for them the spell.

Every situation has a different kind of spell to be cast and it all depends on the findings of the person who is going to cast the spell to be able to know the kind of spell to cast the spell caster has to know your names, origin and also have your image to enable an exact spell to be casted.

How to start casting a spell? You will go to the contact age and fll n the form or call on the direct line to have a one on one with the me and once the check and consultants i will tell you the exact spell to cast and all response will be visual pictures and videos through either email or whatsapp and you can also use the same means to contact me with the details of your problems.

 Online Spell Casting

Spells regardless where you are a professional spells caster will get the spell to work for you. Anywhere you are in the world the spell will get to you.  For transparency purpose everything will be done on video call so that you witness the whole procedure as it goes on to create transparency between the me and the client.

Spiritual bathing is an ancient practice. In hoodoo, spiritual baths are taken to cleanse oneself of negativity or to bring good luck. Almost always, when someone comes  for treatment from my temple, a spiritual bath will be
part of that treatment. i mix special herbs, crystals, oils, and other ingredients in the bath water to bring about the
desired change. This is done in conjunction with the recitation of special psalms. Removing negativity requires washing with a downward stroke, while bringing luck or fortune requires washing oneself in an upward motion. The leftover water can be used in other spellwork, added to floor wash, or disposed of at a crossroads. After every time in life everyone has to get a spiritual bath for a couple of reasons as mentioned above and also create stability in your life as well as your financial life.  i do spiritual ritual bath for not just individuals but also groups that seek the same goal in life or business in terms of target. Contact

This is one of the common questions I receive from people. With free spells, I give you the procedures on how to cast them on your own. If you practice them correctly with a positive attitude following the right procedures, you will get true results otherwise no signs will show up. If the spells happen to have worked for you, please provide your testimony through my contacts, but if you do not receive any result, then contact me for help. Have also written more information to help explain more.

Some people request for spells that give immediate results. My spells are bound to take effect in less than 24 hours when cast. They work differently according to the issue being solved.

For wealth; It doesn’t mean that if you need wealth, you will attain it with in that time frame (24hours)! No. It means that the steps to getting rich will begin with in that period of 24 hours. If you are doing business, you will notice more customers and get more opportunities to diversify the business and truly, everything will move on smoothly as your wealthy accumulates.

For love; you may need to bring back your lover, increase your charm or any other love issue. Within the 24 hours of casting the spell, you will notice the positive signs as to your intent. If it is to bring back your lost lover, the signs will be, your ex may call or send someone to request you to meet you him or her, it is up to you to schedule the day or time to meet. However, it is a guarantee that you will attain a mutual understanding with your partner.

Therefore, one goes through processes to attain what they desire and with the use of spells those processes are just made easier than you may think. Check Me Out

Everyone gets concerned to know how the spells are working on their partners they have cast the spell on, but they sometimes forget how the spells are working on themselves. By the time, you hear from me and begin casting the spells; they become active. You may feel a positive energy within you after casting the spell and as time moves, the rest of the signs are just wonders. Never have I ever failed to deliver to my clients nor anticipated wrongly. If I tell you the spells will work, believe me they will work and you will notice it yourself with your naked eyes, in less than 24 hours.

This is very normal for people to get more than one spell cast! You don’t resolve a math problem with just paper and a pencil. tend to use a calculator and sometimes you will use a chalkboard. You go at the problems from many different angles to get your solutions in math, why would it be any different for spells? The more spells you have on a situation, the more support. However, my method of service delivery is different from others. when you request for my spell, I give you all procedures including opening and closing incantations that will thoroughly work on your problem.