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SPELLS TO ATTRACT YOUR CRUSH – witchcraft that works

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Spells to attract your crush will make you attract anyone you feel should be your lover. Some casters say that these spells will work perfectly when the person you need to attract is of the same sex. I think this is according to their magic, but spells of my origin work more powerful than that. The spells will make you get attracted to the man or woman you admire and there are no side effects nor consequences. The only thing you are required to do is to remain focused on your mission and practice the rituals correctly.

How to attract your desired soul mate

Something is about your heart, there is no way you can stop it from seeing what it wants to see. You close your eyes all you want but the heart continues to see and hang on the person that you are crushing on. That person does not give you attention; no matter what you can strive to do. And you don’t know how you may do to attract him or her.

There are different ways someone can have a crush on the other. For instance, romantic crush or crush for sex, crush for marriage and crush for just friendship. So if you need the crush spells, you need to specify the type of crush or the reason you are crushing on that person and the spells can be customed based on your interest.

However, before you decide to use the spells, set your intention. You must know that spells don’t do the thinking for you. You can’t just throw some fairy dust into the air and tell Tinkerbell to figure it out. Whether you’re using candles, crystals, or enlisting the help of a psychic or spell caster, you need to know what you’re looking for before you start asking the universe to provide it for you.

Free spells to attract your crush you can practice at home

With this, you can do the ritual on your own following the right guidelines as I have listed for you. I do believe that if you are serious and set your focus and intention on that you wish to, you will eventually receive positive results.


  • Rose quartz (stone of universal love. It brings trust and harmony in relationships and it is optional)
  • Incense sticks
  • Jasmine or rose flowers
  • Yellow  candle and a match (not a lighter)
  • Piece of paper and pencil
  • Note! Be alone

Put all those things in a circle. Write on the paper the name of your crush. And anything briefly you know about her. It could be age, date of birth or her parents’ names.

Light the yellow candle (The candles in love magic give extra power to spells and chants. In this case, you need a yellow candle, which symbolizes positive energy and stimulates the power of the mind)

Light incense sticks from the candle, fix it somewhere around you.

Focus and be humble. Speak all you wish for your heart. Speak out what you have written on paper.

Burn the paper with the fire flame. While summoning the spirits to accept what you are asking for.

Blow out the candle and you are done.

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