Black Magic love spells and rituals

Black Magic love spells and rituals

Black Magic love spells and rituals, the most sacred traditions of African culture and norms. A form of solving problems/issues and diseases that torment our lives and the community at large. Black magic spells are cast purposely to solve the unknown mysteries that affect our lives in ways that we can never comprehend or explain in our own understanding but coexist with us on earth. This art of black magic is performed in many ways that my tradition and others in their beliefs carry out having the same approach of solving the problems at hand and relieving the people they come across off the torments they face

A black magic specialist, black magic astrologer like Dr Honey love is the person I recommend you call when you need help. Conjuring spirits, psychic reading, performing Baganda black magic rituals, and many more in the line of traditional healing. Don’t be hurt in silence; an authentic and genuine black magic spells caster in Africa Uganda is here to help you. It does not show weakness to ask for help from people with the ability and power to help you. That shows strength that you are willing to accept your inabilities and get to where you want to reach or advance in life

DR HONEY LOVE – What makes me special

Many people will call themselves black magic specialists or spell casters but they were not born with purpose of healing. I Dr Honey love was born with super natural powers and blessed by my ancestral spirits, groomed by my parents who are traditional healers themselves

100% GUARANTEED RESULTS: My love spells are cast with good intent and following the human and constitutional laws “no human sacrifices etc”

NO SIDE EFFECTS AND NO BACKFIRES:  All my services are safe and I have not received any complaint in the time of over 40 years of traditional healing

QUICK RESULTS: Let me assure that you will notice the effects of the spell in not more than 24 hours. My spells and rituals are powerful and not limited by location anywhere in the world

STRONG AND PERMANENT EFFECTS: I assure that the spell you get form me will last your life time. Without ever loosing strength or disappearing/ becoming weak

ONE TIME FEE: if you don’t get what you asked for within six weeks. I will recast your spell and assure that everything is working as you want it


There is no written black magic book that states the steps and procedures in Africa. But only the knowledge that is passed on from our elders and spirits that inform us of what dwells in the spiritual and human realm that we never knew about

Anyway back to the point, love and black magic are like uncle and sister. Not directly related but considered relatives. Black magic love spells bring the attraction, commitment, binding, faithfulness, stop and catch cheating lovers in a single package

With black magic cast for you get the person that you have longed for a long time. Was he/she you high school crush or it’s your close friend that is friend zoning you but you have feelings for them. Get them to share you love or desire and want you too, whether for sex, marriage, and many things

BLACK MAGIC SYMPTOMS – How do you know your under a spell

BLACK MAGIC SYMPTOMS – How do you know your under a spellHow would you know that you are possessed or under an evil black magic charm. Well this is never that obvious to the person who is charmed but your friends will definitely tell. And maybe yourself at a certain point, but the real answer will come from Dr Honey love just call him as soon as possible. Note I am no black magician that performs stage tricks but all my charms have real life consequences

So call me on my direct line I tell you what is required to perform a reading that will elaborate all that is happening in your life now and where your future is heading.  Find the root cause to the problems and the most effective solution you need to settle in life

The black magic removal mantras I give you will cleanse you off of everything and anything that is tormenting. Chase away the bad spirits, evil eyes, bad jinns, dark clouds that are delaying your luck and also your success. Causing you sickness and illness that the medical professional doctors have failed to discover the cure or cause for.

My charms work in anywhere around the world. Or you can come to Africa Uganda Kampala and meet me at my temple for an in depth session

BLACK MAGIC RITUALS – Easy and simple by Dr Honey love

A black magic ritual has the steps that you have to follow to get real and evident results. Whether black magic voodoo, witchcraft and more. Traditional method is never meant to interfere with free will but always to boost what already exists without your knowledge. Take an example where you like a girl she looks at you but on approaching her she denies you the chance to express yourself or you get approach anxiety. Well spells for love are here to simplify that, approach her and she will give you time and attention. Contact you to talk more with you after your meeting and take you as her priority

So don’t go on taking the rumors you have heard people say and think black magic is not real. Okay it is but has side effects like making that person mad or psycho. Maybe mentally perturbed by its powerful magical effects


As you may know but not sure about love by black magic making you attractive to your sexual orientation. With these chants make your lover or crush think of you constantly. Break the barriers in your relationship and experience love to the fullest. You be wondering how the attraction will come about but these are things that I will elaborate if you order the black magic spells for love and attraction

Are you wondering how other people attract people? Well very easy because their ancestors are on their side. May be you have a hex on you, bad luck and more. Let me relieve you as soon as possible

Your relationship is on the verge of collapsing and both of your are becoming frustrated in the relationship. Well rejuvenate your love as if was new, return intimacy and attraction


BLACK MAGIC TO BRING BACK EX LOVERCan black magic bring back your ex-husband/wife to you? If you still love them and want them back. Even if they have remarried my spells will bring them back and they will love you once again. Why should you be lonely when there is someone out there who have a strong connection with and truly love you? My lost love spells to bring back an ex. Did you realize how much you loved your spouse after your divorce, maybe you even made the divorce/break up request yourself. Are you regretting that your sweetheart is now your ex? Black Magic love spells and rituals

Love spells to bring back an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend.  No matter how many years you have been away from each other, my spells in Oregon will work for you. Bring back that ex you still love in a few days using my powerful lost love spells. Even the mistake was yours and you pushed away your lover, as long as you truly love them my spells will succeed for you

Are you still in love with your ex after breaking up, do you want to get another chance with your ex again? Has your ex already moved on but you still long for their love and affection? Perform Black magic for getting love back to you so that you can have a fresh start

Love spell for happy relationship

A happy relationship is comprised of intimacy, understanding, selflessness, sex and lust for each other. Not entirely focused on those but money, accommodation and protection also affects your happiness in a relationship or marriage. Everyone deserves to be happy in a love and life

Black magic how to protect yourself: With powerful charms protect yourself from black magic or spells that is cast to harm or destroy your life and happiness. Black magic witchcraft, curses, and more

Simple Love Magic Rituals and muti herbs

The simplest spells are the most easiest to do and get quick results. Though everything has its own steps to follow and once everything is done the correct way results are guaranteed. These rituals you can perform at home or any other place

Examples are like spells with hair, pictures, pen and paper or just words, name under pillow. Love potions, charms for wearing among others

Dr Honey love – How to perform a love black magic spell

black magic by Dr Honey loveAfrican black magic has the norms that govern the way it is perform in my culture, tradition and belief. Most people tend to perform black magic or traditional rituals without following the steps required

Well to perform the ritual or cast a charm for love you are not require to sacrifice anything because there are herbal trees that were discovered by my ancestors to perform wonders. Like attraction, stop cheating, bind your lover “put roots on them” among others

If you want to strengthen your marriage/relationship, receive gifts of all kind. Attract love or people you want /desire and make them fall in love with you. Use the below herbs. They will help you achieve what you want. Black Magic love spells and rituals


  1. This is Kakumilizi I am smoking myself with
  2. The people that I desire are to come to me within a blink of an eye or lightening
  3. They will be all over me like this Kakumilizi smoke
  4. With this jajja kiwanuka wind pipe
  5. They will come from east, west north and south and come to my call


  1. This is Kayayana, I want to be desired by those I call “state their names”
  2. Everywhere I go night and day forever by those I want

Muyizi tasubwa

  1. This is muyizi tasubwa, every time he hunts he catches
  2. I also want to catch like muyizi tasubwa
  3. And get the best of what I catch all the time

Mavi gamukulu

  1. These are mavi gamukulu, they don’t kneel for no reason
  2. Let everyone kneel before me
  3. All of them under me each time


  1. This is muwebwa; I receive things all the time
  2. Even from those considered stingy
  3. I don’t need to ask but just given

Put the powder of the herbs in jelly, lotion and apply it. Recite the incantations daily or each time you apply the herbs. Or smoke them in a wind pipe

If you can get access to the herbs you can go ahead and use them as I have prescribed above. You get a change in your life

But if you contact me I will perform the ritual or cast the spell once and it will give you permanent results using super natural divine powers at my temple in less than 24 hours for the best black magic love spells

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