Chicago woman marries a divorcee by “Dana & Keith Cutler”

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AMAZING! How a Chicago woman won over the heart of a five-time divorcee

Chicago woman marries a divorcee. Every day, a man and a woman are falling in love. The last thing on their mind is how this relationship will fail if it does in the future. Indeed, more often than not, many adult American males and females have failed in a relationship at least once in their lifetime.

When the relationship fails, some people have the courage to recollect themselves and move on to the next relationship while others give up and transmit their affection to pets, objects and other materials which can’t show the same affection to them as human lovers would do.

In the state of OKC, the divorce rate has been recorded at a 17.21 % and is expected to rise with time. Pause for a minute and recall that most people have been scared by the statistic that “50% of marriages end in divorce.” Today, it is thought approximately 42-45 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce (this does not include legal separations).

In 2018, McKinley Irvin family law practice gave figures in regards to the divorce rates; 42-45% percent of first marriages end in divorce while 60% of second marriages end in divorce and a staggering 73% of third marriages also end in divorce.

Despite the scary statistics, some people just keep positive. I want to share with you the story of Winslet Karen and Creg Butson from Bonneville, Chicago in Illinois. Their love and marriage story has proved that against all odds and figures of the divorce rates in the USA and the world, one can still find their true love and live happily as husband and wife. Karen is married to Creg Butson and they have been together for the last fifteen years.

Creg is a sixty year old white American man who also hails from Chicago. Prior to meeting and falling in love with Karen, he had been in five failed marriages. When he met and later married Karen, everything just felt different and all seemed right. I interacted with both of them and I just thought that I could share this story with you. Chicago woman marries a divorcee

In the five failed marriages before his current one with Karen, Creg’s wives left him due to a myriad of reasons.  Creg felt that the love he received from Valeria was not real and natural. This was heartbreaking for Creg. It was his fifth marriage and its failure really left a huge dent on his affection for the fairer sex. In the aftermath of the divorce, Creg ‘gave up’ on women and started leading a solitary life.

Creg’s accounting practice in Chicago was thriving and was the envy of many of his contemporaries. The only aspect of his life that his contemporaries did not admire was his marriage record. He seemed unbothered by his apparent failure to nail down a woman and build a successful marriage. Cue in Karen, a long-serving secretary at Creg’s accounting firm.

Karen had witnessed Creg’s ups and downs in the due course of time but never had any direct intimate encounter with Creg because she feared to cross the professional boundaries between herself and her boss. The woman in Karen did not let her totally steer clear of her boss’ love life. She made moves that otherwise signaled her interest in Creg. Creg seemed not to notice her at all! To him, she was just the committed and diligent secretary that he had known over the years.

Karen’s interest in Creg grew by the day. There was one barrier however; Creg was a man that had a weakness of womanizing and had failed just many times with women in serious marriage relationships. Was Karen ready to deal with this? She thought to herself, but never gave up her interest in her boss.

Being a bachelor, Creg spent a lot of time in office alone. On the eve of Valentine’s Day in 2004, Karen stayed in office compiling files. This opened a window for Karen to have a personal conversation with Creg when he came down for a cup of coffee.

The conservation was rather brief, but went well. Creg could hardly remember anything from the conversation he had with Karen, but Karen was a ‘real woman’ – who could detail every single bit of their conversation even today! She was a woman on a mission and was more than determined to win over Creg.

Karen was the favorite workmate of most of her colleagues.  There was also a chain of admirers outside of her workplace. In common speak; one could say that she was in full control of everything that was happening in her life. Karen only had one missing bit in jigsaw and that was nailing down Creg. She indeed managed to pull this off as well. If you want to know her trick, then check it out secrete trick




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