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Spell to change your life

Spell to change your life. When one mentions changing lives with a spell it comes as a far-fetched solution. Well, it isn’t, rather the obvious truth.

Psychics and native healers have the ability to communicate with the other world. Somewhere where the future and past of someone lives. A place that holds your destiny and decisions that will change it.

It’s not about changing your habits, stay that way. Everyone is perfect the way they are. A life coach may recommend focusing on one goal at a time, but does he have assurance about the future?

We live in complete blindness of what is to happen in our lives. The future is the next seconds of your life. Express yourself. Donald Trump did it, he is mean and people like him for what he is.

You find yourself getting stuck in certain patterns, and after a while, you begin to believe that you can’t change them anymore. 

But what if you could? What if you found a way to find true love? Or what if you had help bringing prosperity and abundance into your life? 

Casting spells have helped multitudes reach greatness. Ferro and the ancient kings had sorcerers and future seers. These helped them become one of the most powerful people ever on earth.

Whether you seek something else to fulfill or change your life, be it love, wealth, fame, power. It’s yours if you want it. Let’s see what change your life spells can do for you.


Yes, actually initially people did not define spells to change lives. Spells were being used as tools to fulfill their desires. But as time passed, people in real problems started appreciating the relief spells grants them.

Changing one’s life is a broad and somewhat narrow topic. Because to realize change means both subtle and big change.

Small changes are what contribute to the big changes. Finding love may be what you need to settle down and finish that project. Or that woman/man will be of great help to your success.   

Change requires some time and effort. First of all you need to know in which part of your life you need a change.

Get a breakthrough in love, or you may want to get another job or you need more good luck in your everyday life.

If you want to make changes in your life with the help of magic and rituals, the following spells are some that will change your life instantly.


free love spells that work, LOVE SPELLS SIDE EFFECTS

Love has proven it’s self the most influential and strongest feelings on can ever have. People without love live a boring and purposeless life.  

Love, production, and worship are the cores of life. If you didn’t know now you do.

Spells have and are cast to find true love and change one’s life. Even a gangster has someone they show a marshmallow heart and attitude to.

I give free love spells in the articles posted in accordance to the topic. If you can perform the ritual or spell please go ahead.

I encouraged you to perform spells to attract love in general, and allow the universe to bring the right person to you.

There is a general consensus that the best times to do love drawing spells is on Thursdays and Sundays when the moon is waxing or full.

By the light of a full moon, take a silver ring and wrap it in a clean white cloth. Dig a small hole and bury the ring inside.

While focusing on the kind of lover you are looking for and pouring a small amount of wine over the earth recite these words:

 Blessed Mother fair and true

This Gift I offer unto you

Bless this ring and make it shine

Bring a lover to be mine

Let it be so!

 Leave the ring buried until the next full moon, then dig it up and wear it. If your true lover is near, he/she will be drawn to you immediately.

For you with less or no knowledge and experience about spell casting and rituals. Be aware that any mistakes and norms broken will nullify the spell or lead to different outcomes.

If you seek a spell to change your life contact me. +256706532311



Everyone is born luck and his fortune marked at birth, but invisible forces influence and disrupt your luck.

Revitalize your luck with a working spell to change your life. Casting a luck spell or cleansing ritual will rejuvenate luck in your life.

The purpose of this spell is to bring good luck and abundance into your life.

For this spell you will need:

  • Charcoal block
  • Money drawing incense
  • Hemp cord
  • Miniature broom
  • Cowry shell
  • Coin
  • Piece of abalone shell
  • Hemp cord

Place a piece of charcoal on a fireproof dish and light it. Take a pinch of the money drawing incense and put it in the charcoal.

As the incense burns, tie the hemp cord onto the broom and attach the charms:

Cowry shell for general good luck, coin for wealth, abalone for protection in business and personal affairs.

Tie seven knots in the cord, and with each knot, focus on what you specifically desire in the area of luck and prosperity. When you are done say the following:

Spirits of the wilderness

I appeal to you,

Bring into my home

All that is shiny and new.

Spread hope and prosperity,

Contained within this grass,

May my life with wealth and

Prosperity be amassed.

So be it.

Now you can hang the talisman in your home or office, or wherever you want to concentrate your efforts.  

For you with less or no knowledge and experience about spell casting and rituals. Be aware that any mistakes and norms broken will nullify the spell or lead to different outcomes.

If you seek a spell to change your life contact me. +256706532311



Who says money is just paper and wealth an item accumulated by greedy people. It’s totally wrong, wealth is a means of exchange and luxury.

It can be a source of happiness to many. If you are loved, healthy and physically fit. Why not accumulate wealth and enjoy life to the fullest.

God has given you the chance to live all this time and years. Looking for wealth for one to support their loved ones is responsibility that can’t be avoided.

So with money magic spells attract abundance of wealth and coin in your life.

This is one of the coolest rituals for drawing money I can think of.

It is also a great way to contribute to the balance of give and take energies.


  • • Dollar bills
  • • Permanent marker


Take one or more one dollar bills and write a blessing on them with a permanent marker: “May you be blessed with Health, Wealth and Love“.

These are your blessed bucks. Grab a glue stick and head out into the world to hide your blessed bucks. Never let anyone see you hiding them and never drop one so that it looks like an accident.

This is an intentional spell that works when it looks intentional. It sets into motion the principle of “reap and sow”, so that what you give you shall receive 100 fold.

Great places to hide them are:

  • In help wanted sections of the newspaper
  • On a gallon of milk.
  • On a pack of diapers.

The only rule is never stay to see who finds it!

If you seek a spell to change your life contact me. +256706532311



Since childhood and through life people have dreams that they wish to fulfill or wishes they pray to come true.

Realizing your dreams and wishes is one of your biggest wishes and will come true. This can happen overnight, less or longer.

Here is a luck spell that works.

The purpose of this spell is for making wishes.

For this spell you will need 7 Job’s Tears or 7 Mojo beans. Place one Job’s tear or Mojo bean in your pocket every day for seven days.

On the 7th day, go to a river or stream and make your wish “in the name of the father, Son, and the Holy Ghost”.

Throw the seven beans or seeds over your left shoulder into the running water, and walk away.

Do not look back or your wish will not come true

For you with less or no knowledge and experience about spell casting and rituals. Be aware that any mistakes and norms broken will nullify the spell or lead to different outcomes.

If you seek a spell to change your life contact me. +256706532311



In the 21st century employment is one of the major sources of income. It is normal that everyone wants to progress and increase their business.

Everyone wants to increase their income and earn money from doing business or a job. So, how to do it?

Many times it happens that you can’t keep a job or you don’t get the job of your dreams. Remember that 50% is a lifelike and worthwhile work, and 50% the luck is deserved for success.

Here is one spell that can change your luck, and help you get the job you have always wanted.


When reality refuses to fit into someone’s strongest desire, there is a need for magical influence on reality.

The most common terms you will find in the world of magic are: white magic and black magic. But, according to some opinions, magic cannot be called either black or white, but people who use it can use it for good purposes and bad purposes.

Additionally, magic can help you reach the goal, but as long as it is possible Magic will complete 50% of the work, but the rest will depend on you.

Do you want to change your life overnight? With a little effort and a little magic everything is possible. Start now!

For you with less or no knowledge and experience about spell casting and rituals. Be aware that any mistakes and norms broken will nullify the spell or lead to different outcomes.

If you seek a spell to change your life contact me. +256706532311