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Spells For Forgiveness

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Have you apologized to someone you might have wronged, but he or she has refused to forgive you? Did they forgive you but you went ahead and again did harm to them? Here are the forgiveness spells to soften their hearts that they can remember you’re the importance of your company and forgive you.

You might have moved from place to place, person to person pleading for your loved one or a friend to reconcile with you but unfortunately, they did not.

Don’t worry, the forgiveness spells heal and remove any obstacle hindering the reconciliation with them. The forgiveness spells can be used for lovers, friends, family members, workmates, and business colleagues.

The spells for forgiveness do manifest peace and love between you and your intended persons even if the situation seems so hard to be healed.

How to cast the forgiveness spells

All spells are easy to cast, but you should take note of how best to cast them, to attain 100% effective guaranteed results.

If you decide to practice this ritual on your own, you must think and focus on your intentions before practicing this ritual.

However, you are advised to seek assistance from an experienced spell caster to help you reunite with the people you wish to.

I Dr. Honey love do cast spells of different categories that provide 100% guaranteed results without any side effect. My spells are powerful and can be manifested based on your intentions. Feel free to contact me that you become part of my schedule to cast for you the forgiveness spells.

For free forgiveness spells, below are the steps


  • One pink candle
  • One blue candle
  • Lighter/ Matchbox
  • Lily of the valley oil
  • Picture/photo of that or those persons


  • Anoint both the candles with lily of the valley oil. Place the photos in front of the candles.
  • Light the candles and recite this;

It is time to forgive and forget, We shall once again be glad, Never shall you be sad, we will be grateful that we met again.

  • Let the candles burn all the way bottom undisturbed. Gather the candle stubs and bury them beneath a willow tree.




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