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Love spells never cause any side effects to the person casting them. As long as they cast the spells correctly there is no negative energy from love magic.

When someone talks about side effects it’s always something bad to happen. On the contrary, it may be anything that doesn’t go your way. It’s true but according to love spells. Your heart and intentions are what make the spell bring side effects or doesn’t go the way you wanted it to.

Having second thoughts and doubt when casting any spell is one of the causes of a love spell going wrong. It’s always good to clear your mind and make a decisive choice on what you wish the spells for.

Choose the right spells because doing a sex spell on someone you wished to marry will only yield sex. And marriage will be an impossible thing to do unless you reverse the spell and cast the right one. Which is a hectic and tiresome process to undertake.


Using a wrong spell

Casting the wrong spell instead of a love spell for sex or break up spell. Surely the results from these spells are different. And your expectations will be vice versa. It’s always good to consult with the spells caster on the results you want and the intensity so that he/she prescribes the correct spells.

Most who perform spells at home tend to use spellbooks. Some of these were written for entertainment purposes. Maybe they work but you don’t have the power and experience to pull it off.

Bad magic for December 2022

Magic is of different types and kinds. Some types are forbidden to use due to the delicacy of the steps and rituals that have to be performed. Most people and spells caster with no or little knowledge about these types tend to use it and bring side effects to the people that cast the spells and those they cast them on. Take an example of a love spell that turns to a hate spell or ending up rendering the partner senseless.

Not following roots

Using a spell not compatible with your ancestral origin. Magic and spell casting is more effective and works well with people of that origin. When casting any spell in your life mind your origin.

Fake/inexperienced spells caster

People that masquerade as authentic spell caster yet have no idea about what they are doing. People like this exist in Africa some have the abilities because they purchased spirits or djinn that give them knowledge about the spiritual world and healing. Most never know how to work with this power or control the spirits. Never have enough knowledge about spell casting. Therefore causing you love spell side effects.

If your unlucky and consult such a person you may become a victim to spells going wrong. This also applies to those that cast spells at come and don’t do or there is never enough knowledge about the spells they are casting. Take caution of everything you do.

Lack of enough knowledge

Not knowing exactly what you are doing and the kind of magic you are dealing with. This is the biggest cause of spells going wrong. If you lack adequate knowledge, consult with an experienced spells caster. Or even let them cast the spells for you if you can trust them to see it through.

A mistake in casting the spell

Wrong potion ingredients, missing a step or saying an incantation wrong. All these can contribute to a spell going wrong. Side effects are the unwanted results that the spell will yield.

Unclear intentions

Having a clouded mind and being indecisive when casting the spells. Always clear your mind and concentrate on the desired outcome of the spell because the magic works with intent and mind control. Anyone that cant master both the spell is bound to failure.

Stop thinking about rent, going out, food the neighbor is cooking. Focus during the ritual, it’s one of the reasons I discourage my clients from casting spells at home during their challenging moments.

Instead of ruining the materials and time entrust a real spells caster to do the job for you. Instead of incurring a few notes here and there. Make a single payment and have your results as soon as possible.



Karma and life are one thing good shall be rewarded with good and bad as bad. No one wishes to have karma have its way on them. It’s a reason I strongly discourage casting hate, jealousy and bad-hearted spells. It’s something that will affect my client and myself in the short or long run. Darken your heart and make you envious for the rest of your life.

As long as your intentions are good-hearted there is no worry of getting bad karma.

Loss of control

You will never know what the results have been whether it was a love spell with a mixture of other spells. You will not be able to anticipate their actions and the effect of the spells.


Becoming worried and restless due to fear of what could happen to you or the person you cast a wrong spell on. Loss of sleep and general happiness.

Disorganization of your aura

Your aura becomes disorganized due to the bad magic cast by you. You lose your inner light and may become lightless or have a bad aura making you perceptible to bad spirits, jinns, and more.

All this is avoidable and will never happen if you allow me to be of service to you. My spells and services work with no side effects or Backfire 100%guaranteed in 24 hours.