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I believe in the almighty that nothing can be done by any creature when it is above his knowledge. I give respect to all faith and beliefs in this world, that’s I don’t discriminate any one in his own faith in my healing services. Nor do I make someone to change faith before providing the services.
I respect and follow the laws & human constitution governing the country (Uganda) where I do my work. And I am an activist who doesn’t agree with the bad, fake and evil things that are practiced in the healing service field. It’s is the reason I founded a private organization called Bamutima Gwa Gwanga (BGG) in 2005. The organization’s main purpose was to fight child sacrifice which had become a common practice.
Launched in 2011 at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala Uganda, in the presence of the current minster of trade Amelia Kyambade who was the MP of Mawokota South. We worked together with the security agencies, LCs, Government leaders, media and other native healers.
Get access to the most powerful magical rings and amulets. These items give protection against any kind of magic
Love spells are the strongest form of magic. It will soften your ideal lover’s heart to care and love for you. make them commit and come back


Everyone is born lucky, but the forces that roam earth deflect it. Regain access to what is rightfully yours with powerful chants


Life if full of ups and downs most of which you don’t have control over. Guard against Enemies, bad spirits, hexes that affect your life


I have never failed to deliver on what those who seek my help sought me for. Whether financial and business issues, love and relationships, luck, cleansing and more.

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