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Powerful lottery spells

It’s so rear to find a someone who’s never dreamed of winning the jackpot lottery. Many people purchase lottery tickets, but their dream never comes true. Perhaps, they just don’t know a certain system, are unlucky, or choose the wrong numbers… We can think of many different explanations for it, but just one of them is true – those who can’t win have never used services of a professional Powerful lottery spell caster and ordered jack pot spells. Powerful lottery spells.

However, I need to warn all my readers who want to buy win the lottery spells of the danger you may be exposed to. When you see an announcement, “With our lottery winning spells, we have won so much money that it doesn’t fit into the bags we have!

So we’ve decided to share our luck with others and are offering the spells that have made us rich!” Undoubtedly, such announcements are rather attractive and you can barely find the willpower to resist the temptation.

However, most of them are posted by frauds, who are going to get rich by using not a spell to win money, but your naivety. Powerful lottery spells.

Moreover, people know when their winning spells start working. Because magic enhances their imperceptibility and intuition.

That’s how magic works on those who buy tickets which already have some number combinations.  Speaking of those who want to use a spell to win money to win the lottery by picking their own number combinations, they see the winning combinations in their dreams or see signs prompting them which numbers to pick.

After using lottery spells, such people experience sort of an insight, Powerful lottery spells like musicians or artists. They see winning combinations and all they need to do is to remember them and pick the numbers accordingly.


Lotto is the oldest National Lottery game, attracting thousands of UK players every week since 1994. Millions have been awarded in prizes and raised for good causes across the country.

Draws are held on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, offering six different ways to win. The jackpot can only roll over five times before it must be won. Choose any topic below to learn more about this exciting game.

How to play


Choose your six numbers from 1-59. You can select your own numbers or have a random selection made for you by purchasing a Lucky Dip ticket or using a number generator.


Decide how many lines you want to play. Retailers allow you to select up to seven lines of numbers on a single play slip.


Purchase your entries before the cutoff time for that draw.


Relax and wait for the results! The Lotto results page will display the latest results immediately after each draw. Alternatively, you can watch live on YouTube, draws are also broadcast on ITV1 every Saturday evening at 8:15 pm.

Chances of winning

Lotto offers players a fantastic 1 in 9.3 chance of winning any prize! The table below outlines the odds of winning.

1 (Jackpot)6 numbers1 in 45,057,474
2 5 numbers + Bonus Ball1 in 7,509,579
35 numbers 1 in 144,415
4 4 numbers1 in 2,180
53 numbers 1 in 97
62 numbers 1 in 10.3

The Power-ball

Since 1992, the Power-ball has been making waves in the lottery arena. The odds of winning are greater than walking away with the grand jackpot in a traditional lotto, however, each play is usually $2 (more than a Lotto ticket).

The jackpot is won by matching 5 white balls and a 6th red ball in any order. The 5 balls are drawn twice a week from a drum of 59 balls with a separate drum of red balls where 1 ball will be selected.

The highest jackpot for the Power-ball was for $590.5 million, won in 2013 by a lucky 84-year old woman from Florida.

Major international Power-ball games are the U.S Power-ball, the New Zealand Power-ball and the Australian Power-ball, all of which frequently hit winnings of over $20 million in their respective currencies.

So why should you go for the Power-ball rather than the Lotto with higher winnings? Well, your odds are better, however, this may change as the winnings get higher and more people buy their tickets. You will have to split your winnings with more people, a chance that you may not want to take. The jackpot winnings are usually split over 29 years for each payment, giving you a great nest egg for the upcoming years. The best part is that the standard payouts for winners who select 5 correct balls can be $1 million while guessing 4 balls and below start at $10 000.


Raffles are usually run alongside the main Lotto, often seen as a bonus game. The popular international raffles are the UK Lotto Raffle and the famous Loteria de Navidad, both of which can reach extraordinary winnings.

The raffle is played differently to a traditional lottery as you cannot choose your own numbers and have a pre-selected number assigned to you. Specific codes are printed on your ticket and if that code matches the one selected on the day of the draw, you are a winner. In fact, there are usually 50 winners of £20 000 each in the UK raffle.

The raffle is played differently in the Loteria de Navidad of Spain. This annual raffle has become such a popular game in the country, that many residents give these tickets away as gifts, usually around Christmas time. As this is an annual raffle, the jackpot can hit unbelievable winnings of €2 Billion. The ticket prices can be costly and amount to €200 per ticket so many people opt for a décimos, a tenth of the ticket price.  The price of a décimo is €20 and the payout is 10% of the published prize.

At the time of the Loteria de Navidad raffle draw, which lasts about three hours, two spherical drums are used to pull the winning raffle numbers. The larger drum contains tens of thousands of small wooden balls with the five-digit codes imprinted on them. The smaller drum contains 1,807 wooden balls, each representing variations of the available prizes on it. A single ball is selected from each drum simultaneously to match each prize with one of the 100,000 ticket numbers.

Scratch-off Instant Games, lottery spell

Instant games are your quick and easy online “scratch cards.” These popular games are all over the internet and can have both small and large payouts, depending on how much you are willing to spend.

Ranging from $1 per ticket to as much as $50 in other games, players can “scratch” their choice of card and win instant prizes if they are successful. The odds are sometimes as good as 1:3, a definite bonus for those wanting a fun yet effective game.

These colorful scratchers sometimes even have holiday themes and state-specific games. The National Lottery in the UK reports that there are 694,301 scratch card winners every day and prizes can reach $4 million per game. The biggest win for an instant game was £4 million, won by an unsuspecting and anonymous fan who played a £10 game.

Most American states have many different types of scratch-off games. The Georgia Lottery for example, has at least 50 instant games from only $1 a play. Some of the wins are specifically set up to pay out winners in small amounts over a period of years. The “Win a $1000 a week for life” game does just that, paying its prize winner every week for up to 20 years.

The Dailies, lottery spel

Entering the Dailies has become just as easy and frequent as picking up the daily newspaper. In most American states, these games can be played up to twice a day, with cash prizes reaching $5000 per game.

The most popular games are Pick 3, Pick 4 and Fantasy 5, each of which are simple to play. The Dailies generally ask that you select a series of numbers depending on the game. You will then either play “straight” or “box.”

“Straight” means that the numbers you have selected must match the winning numbers in exactly the same order while choosing “box” means that the numbers do not have to be in the same order, but they must be the same numbers.

The Dailies are extremely cost effective with most games costing either 50c or $1. If you select to play “straight”, you will win more than you would playing “box” as your odds are lower. The payouts are not as great as the Lotto, but some people have won as much as $175 000 in Fantasy games.

Unlike other lotteries. The Dailies winnings are not determined by the amount of entrants into a particular game, these are predetermined amounts. In other words some one with more than intent to win should consult Dr honey love spells for Lottery spells that work. Call +256706532311  email

Millionaire Maker

When UK players buy a Euro Millions ticket, they also receive automatic entry into the Millionaire Maker game. A raffle number consisting of four letters and five digits is generated for every line of numbers played and at least one player in the UK is guaranteed to win £1 million in every draw.

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Health Lottery, lottery spells

The Health Lottery is drawn five times a week. It is played every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and has six prize tiers. Players must match all five main numbers drawn to win up to £100,000. Out of every £1 played, 20p is donated to health-related good causes across Great Britain.

Postcode Lottery

With the Postcode Lottery, players have been able to win great prizes just for their address since 2005. It is a subscription lottery where a different number of postcodes are drawn daily. If you buy more entries, then you win bigger prizes! Non-cash prizes are also up for grabs every month.

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Lotto Hot Picks

Lotto Hot Picks is played every Wednesday and Saturday. And gives you the power to predict how many numbers you will match from 1 to 59. State correctly that you’ll match all five numbers and you’ll snap up the top prize £350,000. Thanks to the fixed Hot Picks prizes, you’ll receive the full jackpot amount even if someone else wins too!

Dr honey love spell uses black magic spells to increase your chances of winning.

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