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How to find out who cursed you

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Knowing the person who cursed you is very helpful and you can understand why they did it and also anticipate what they might do forth. Before writing about how to find out who cursed you, let me first introduce to you the categories of curses. There are three categories of curses. That is; intended curses, unintended curses, and those curses just passed on.

Intended courses are those curses from bad or evil people who don’t like your progress. They may be relatives or friends. They may impose a curse on you through their evil tongue, or they may perform it through witchcraft or black magic spells.

Unintended curses are from people who speak bad words on your behalf without knowing that they may actually wish something bad to happen to you. For instance, you may inform your lover about your journey tomorrow and jokingly he or she says “I wish you don’t reach where you are going”. Yes, you may travel but get many problems on the way perhaps you may not reach your destination.

Passed on curses are those curses that are family or community. You find that someone is born with a curse that was spelled a long time on their family or community.

How to find out who cursed you

There are different options you can rely on to find that who cursed you. One of them is to gather information from relatives and friends. The other is through spiritual healers. Getting information from people is not recommended to be done alone since some information can be misleading and may not help you solve that problem. So after getting answers for your people you can as well go to spiritual healers who are well vast with psychic abilities to read into the insight of humankind. Luckily I am an intuitively spiritual healer with the ability to understand something instinctively. I perform my work with the guidance of the ancestral powers that I was born with. Perhaps giving you true information is guaranteed. Contact me if you are looking for How to find out who cursed you.


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