Gold magic spells

Gold magic spells

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Gold and magic come a long way since the time of Ferro or beyond. And gold magic spells too, in the early time djinns and spirits used to hoard tons of precious metal for their own comfort.

Human beings too, were in search for the glittering stones in mother earth and that’s where mining comes from.

As part of simplifying and lessening error or accident during the process. Each look for guidance, luck and assurance in many ways.

Some went to the temple, churches, a few to mention. While others looked for the luck, protection and assurance elsewhere.

Things like precious items, animals, silk were put forward in order to earn the favor of those they seek help from. And this was before any form of mining could be started.

Even after the process was finished and everyone’s pocket filled, they never forgot to be grateful and give thanks.

Rituals to get gold wealth.

Gold is the major ingredient for all types of success Gold magic spells; gold is the big one as far as earthly wealth and success is concerned, both metaphorically as well as practically.

All countries in the world hold gold reserves and that’s their earthly wealth in a nutshell (or in a large vault, etc.)

Gold is also very spiritual as it represents the sun, represents the soul; so it is in gold that spirituality and the hard come together and agree.

Gold is the symbol for being rich, for being a shiny soul, for achieving success in this life in every way it can be measured.

There is another interesting thing about the actual real substance that is gold in the hard, namely that it is edible and non-allergenic. Meaning you can eat it, wear it, drink it, it won’t hurt your physicality.

This is not usually the case with most other hard manifestations of magical substances; and here, gold gives us an endless opportunity to cast spells for prosperity, money spells, wealth spells all at the same time.

African Gold magic spells

As mentioned in the introductory bit of the article {each look for guidance, luck and assurance in many ways}.

In Africa rituals and Gold magic spells casting in next to our way of life. As it is that we mainly use local ways to extract these precious items from the ground.

There are always countless accidents, losses, theft that comes along. This calls for traditional magical remedies for protection and luck.

Despite the primitive ways of mining used, Africa still competes on the global market of gold. That is mainly South Africa and Ghana.

Sacrifices like animals are used to cast gold spells and rituals with a traditional healer consulting the ancestors.

This opens up your hunt for the precious item, protects you from fraud or theft. Increases your luck and fortune to get wealth in gold.

Attracts more customers to buy your stones. Gives you knowledge on where to mine the 24 caret gold and more.

All this is possible with just a few clicks and buttons. Contact Doctor honey love for your chance to accumulate wealth in gold mining with Gold magic spells.


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