How i fell for a cheating lover – Dr Honey love uncovered the truth for me.

I once fell in love with a married man, and one thing that I’ve never really talked about was his uncanny ability to make cheating a lifestyle despite having a wife, three children, a full-time job, plus a blog and active Facebook community.

This is a man who led a double life not just for months, but for more than a decade.

As I learned who he really was, I found out that he built his entire life around his indiscretions. Whether that was intentional or not, I doubt I’ll ever know. I don’t even think he knows, because that would require total honesty with himself.

He cheated with his coworkers.

When I first moved down to Tennessee in 2013 and I began to learn more about this man I loved and the world he lived in, I thought that surely, there must be something in the water.

I couldn’t believe how many co-workers he’d been involved with and how many other people I met whose relationships all began with affairs at work.

As it turns out, cheating with co-workers seems to be pretty damn common in the Bible belt. Depending upon your particular job, it’s easy to get away for a few minutes or even take a day off together.

And it’s something of an easy thrill. People who start affairs with co-workers get to enjoy the emotional high of beginning a new romance whenever they clock in. For some folks, it makes the time pass by much easier.

It’s also a way to turn their work life into something of a fantasy.

He offered to run errands for the family on his own.

This move reminds me of the red pill men who try to game their wives. Eventually, I found out that the married man I fell for routinely offered to go shopping, pick up dinner, grab prescriptions, and do anything else that made it look like he was doing his wife a really big favor just so he could have some alone time to call or text a side chick.

When we were having our affair, he used to get upset anytime I didn’t answer my phone when he went on one of his impromptu errands. I didn’t like his attitude. I didn’t feel that it was fair.

But he was really good at manipulating my emotions so that every time I spoke up about it, he found a way to turn things around for him. Suddenly, I was the one who was so unfair. I didn’t understand how hard stuff was for him.

He also knew how to use my guilt as the other woman against me. I didn’t like the fact that we were cheating, but I also never found the courage to leave. He would push and pull on my emotions, as if he knew I would never actually leave.

He mooched off of me and other women.

One big sign that your spouse is cheating often comes with the bank statement or credit card bill. But my married boyfriend didn’t manage his own money. His wife did that.

He got out of contributing anything financial to our time together while he was still married. I later discovered this was standard for him. It was the women who paid for the hotels and meals, all so he could keep his secret safe.

Anytime away from his wife became an opportunity to cheat.

His cheating activities weren’t just limited to the 9 to 5 at work or his seemingly heartfelt offers to go grocery shopping. There were other times, like when he had to fly out for a job interview, or anytime his company sent him to a conference or bit of training out of state.

In his mind, women came after him and his biggest problem was simply that he couldn’t say no. He frequently likened himself to a victim of circumstance. Or fate.

In reality, he was always on the lookout for someone. Like a lot of other chronic cheaters, he didn’t want to be alone. Constantly seeking a new partner kept him from truly facing himself or seriously contemplating the man in the mirror.

He complained about women.

It took me a while to catch this strategy because it’s something he employed more with his wife. Eventually, though, he used it with me too. He would nonchalantly complain about women being difficult, to the point of saying that he couldn’t handle cheating because it would mean trying to please multiple women.

He insisted that it felt bad enough to argue with one woman, so why would he want to deal with more? This was a flat out lie intended to cover up the fact that he often had four or five different women on the side.

He didn’t rock the boat.

In many ways, my ex let his wife “wear the pants” in the family, so to speak. This is something else that I see a lot of in the Bible belt. Women stay home to be wives and mothers, husbands silently resent them, but those same supposedly unhappy men refuse to reveal their feelings to their spouse.

Instead, they make sure that whatever they do, they don’t rock the boat in their relationship. My ex had this down to a science. His wife made virtually all of the decisions but he gave her the illusion that they were a team because he mostly agreed.

The absence of real arguments made a good show of happiness, but it was a fake relationship. I went through a similar thing (though I didn’t make all of the decisions). We never had a real relationship because my ex was never truly honest with me either.

Everything he did was just a ploy to maintain the life he wanted at the time.

He came from a culture where cover ups are commonplace.

I often wonder if cheating is more common in the Bible belt because it sure seems more common down here. I’m from the Twin Cities and it’s not that Yankees don’t cheat, but it seems like the whole long-term “double life” thing is much more prevalent here. Where everyone claims to live for Jesus.

Actually, my ex was a youth pastor before we met. And he cheated on his wife the entire time.

Clearly, this is my unscientific opinion about cheating in Tennessee or Georgia versus cheating in Minnesota. But in my experience, it’s a cultural and religious thing. People who grew up in the evangelical purity culture often carry a lot of regrets about sex and relationships.

In addition to those regrets, there’s also a ton of shame. And shame is probably the biggest motivator in most cover ups. People don’t want to get caught, but they especially don’t want to feel burning shame in from of somebody else. When you’re motivated by shame, you’re more likely to try to cover things up instead of coming clean.

Here in the Bible belt, there’s a weird amount of pressure to stay where you are and do what looks like the right thing. As a result, people seem much more apt to look away and bite their tongues when they discover that someone they know is cheating.

He used mobile apps that make it easier to cover his tracks.

I’m still pretty naive about all of the different applications a person can use to cover up their cheating ways, but there’s apparently something out there for everyone. He liked to use texting apps that masked his real number, so women couldn’t contact him in a way his wife might see.

Of course, lots of dating apps make it easy to cheat too. Spouses don’t have to know that their significant other has a profile on certain websites. They can carry on torrid affairs without ever using their real phone numbers.

His online hobbies helped support his lifestyle of cheating.

This seems like such a diabolical thing, but my ex began a blog and non-profit organization during the “occupy movement,” and he wound up using it to meet and impress more women. That’s actually how he found me, but I would later discover that I wasn’t the only reader he targeted for a romantic relationship.

It’s a little bit of a chicken and egg question. Do guys like these build up online communities to create a built-in opportunity to cheat? Or does the power just get to their heads and lead them to cheat?

Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

He felt entitled to cheat.

This seems to be a pretty common mindset among chronic cheaters. My ex indicated the feeling that he deserved to cheat because he was so unhappy with his life. He didn’t like that he’d gotten married so young. He felt forced into having kids and resented his wife for not bringing in an income.

The reality, of course, is that he made all of his own choices. Nobody had really ever twisted his arm into doing anything, but he found it easier to carry his regrets and blame somebody else.

He felt entitled to cheat on his wife, and that’s what ultimately led him to build his whole life around an ability to have affairs.

And the reality is that he’s not the only one.

Over the years, I’ve had a number of guy friends who have confessed strings of affairs. These are people who come across to the world like “family men.” They talk about family and fatherhood. Other people brag them up as these incredible fathers.

And yet? They lie, in one way or another, to everyone they love. It’s baffling how they’re even able to get away with so many secrets. I wonder how many red flags go ignored or get missed by wives who are busy running households and raising children.

From what I’ve seen, none of these dads with double lives really deserve to be called father of the year. Not even from their picture-perfect sham selves. They’re spending energy on feeding their egos with illicit affairs when they could be building a better life for themselves and their families. But it’s easy in a culture that sets the bar so low for men, for those men to hide in plain sight.

All this I wouldn’t have known if Dr Honey love never helped me. He’s someone I never thought of for help, but I am glad he was there when I needed it. Relationships and love can be blinding but Traditional remedies always work.

Thank you for reading, and for any inquiries please email him at


Winnie Nambi’s Story

Am by names Winnie Nambi  born in Rakai District by Mr. and Mrs.Kintu In Uganda, My parents had four children and the three were boys, I being the only girl and first born of my siblings.

Before my parents passed on, they got so ill and it wasn’t not any other disease which is common to day (HIV) but back then, It was a new disease and on our continent of Africa we didn’t know much about the disease and it killed them so painfully and slowly without any explanation because the few medical person we had, had a long line of patients to handle and only those who had some money would be worked on.

In that time we even that time we even tried the local herbs which didn’t do much at the time because they didn’t do much at the time because they didn’t know what they were treating; so many endurances led to the death of our parents for example the death of our parents for example the death of our parents for example the parents at that time the long distance to go the white cola hospital the few Doctors who had so many patients and where only two in the village with a big population which was ill time to time.

The misery of parents went through nothing in the house crying every night and we with missed vary big wounds on both of them and hair loss and bone coming out skin because there was no food enough for the family and the illness we didn’t understand taking our parents as we looked on. Being the last born first born and my siblings were looking at me as the elder of which at the time I was 14years old.

I cleaned the vomit and also washed dirty laundry of both my parents because by brothers were very young to even understand the situation, In that time I stopped going to school because I had to do a lot at home and also take care of home which shadowed my dreams of going to school and becoming a medical practitioner because of the situation my parents were going through. My parents got bit better after a long stretch of pain when  well-wishers came in and rescued us.

The illness didn’t get treated though were able to live for the next 3 years and passed away and it was a great blow to the family we were discriminated by the other family members because of the illness our parents had and the rest of the family didn’t understand.

On the burial day we had a few people who came to bury our dad and our mum also died in almost the same time frame leaving four children alone and no care taker.

A few months after our parents passed away, my two brothers were forced to go to the neighboring village to work for people at the farms and my other brother who followed me went to an island and became a fisherman.

This was one of those tough times that after a year my brother joined my other sibling on the island as a fisherman, I knew about my brother going to the island and it was the same time I got to hear the sad news of drowning in the lake with other fishermen who drowned in the night when they were fishing.

Our home was filled with misery when we buried two of my sibling on the same day. It’s one of those tough times in my life but at the time I had not much option on what to do but stay on the village to find a way of sustaining life with the vision of going to school and archive the dream which at that time looked like impossible because the business is related it was to sale vegetables of which they had a very small profit to cover the expenses and regardless of the situation I didn’t stop doing the business.

What I would call my small breakthrough is when I got a small contract from the neighboring town which was more developed than ours, a gentleman who had a restaurant that he used to shop for every week vegetables asked me if I can deliver all the kinds of vegetables they needed for the restaurant which was his business and he will cover all expenses. This opened up my way in terms of business and socializing plus travelling every day from my village to the other making money which started stabilizing my life and enabled to save and peruse my childhood dream of becoming a doctor because I saw my parents dying without any assistance and all the ignorance on my village. I worked so hard that I went back to school and I achieved my dream of being doctor which all happened at an age when I was about 31 years and I felt life with success it would be right for me to have children of my own but the boyfriend I had at the time was more of a causal relationship where we mostly met for sex and didn’t talk about anything, which made me feel we didn’t have a future together, I financed all his life from movement infrastructure.

This felt like a waste of time for me because I wanted a more mature person who I can build family together.

We started creating space because I also suspected that he was using the car I bought him cheating on me and all I needed was to avoid stress so I resorted to my work, at my work place we had several trips that kept me moving back and forth to different countries for medical conferences and this healed me so much in forgetting about the stressing love relationship I had before.

This is where I met Adebiyi Solomon at a conference in the United States of America, He was the keynote speaker at the conference we were sleeping at the same hotel the conference was, we bumped into each other in the corridors and got to know each other briefly, We didn’t reach far because he was a citizen of Norway and I wanted a man I could live with. Though a good guy with developmental ideas and rich we remained as friends. After a while got a job in the USA at the Bellevue Hospital center and managed to get citizenship because I worked and stayed for so long in the USA but all this time we were still in touch with Solomon who was travelling to the USA for work very often which gave us time to be meeting. Solomon finally got permanent employment in the states which closed u the distance from Nigeria to the USA to be able see each other.

We spent a while each living alone because we were in different states and our jobs were there because him and I are both doctors. Though this didn’t stop us from living together because our attraction to each other was strong than the challenges we faced. He was a trustworthy man and truthful which is the reverse nowadays people. I got pregnant of our first baby which was disclosed were twins. I gave birth safely. And also after a while, I got pregnant again this time round too they were twin girls.

After the birth of our children we discussed to travel back to their home and visit the rest of the family because a few of them were able to come for the wedding which was In the USA and also the kids to know where they come from. But i never knew or even thought that, that trip would be the beginning of my second misery. As we reached Nigeria a distance from Abuja we were welcomed by a large number of people with traditional music and clothes. I fainted and lost consciousness. I was rushed to hospital right way.

I was unconscious for five days in hospital. Put on every kind of test but the doctors didn’t find any problem, was taken to the powerful pastors in Nigeria but there was no progress in my situation.

My condition was the same for ten days but fortunately I woke up but couldn’t move but just opening my eyes but couldn’t talk but was very conscious.

My husband came around and my condition was not any better I could hear a little but periodically I had blood flowing from my private parts and mouth nose. Later incompletely lost my sight but my husband narrated to me that since we entered Nigeria one of each of our twins died and it was an accident which all this added misery on top of misery.

Life got worse every day of my life as my children were growing in absolute misery seeing me blind there father having another woman in his life which forced to want to go back in the states and leave there away from their dad and they made sure they travelled back with me in my condition.

We started moving to every hospital in the USA because I was a reputable doctor and my colleagues were willing to give assistance but with all the best machines all looked ok but I was in pain and I couldn’t see a thing because I was blind.

A couple of friends and relatives looked for help from different people and pastors which all yielded nothing and I lost hope because my husband was nowhere in this whole situation, money was scammed from several people who pretended to be of help but in actual sense they were using the opportunity that I was helpless.

My children have used the internet so well to look for every corner of this earth to find the right person to help me in this situation, even the pastors told them whatever is wrong with your mother is beyond us. I was told about a witch doctor from Africa who could help me with my situation but I had a very negative energy towards going back to Africa little did I know this Dr. was from my country of origin but still it didn’t stop me from not wanting to step a foot there. My children asked me to at least just here what he has to say and we don’t have to travel anywhere before am sure of how I feel about the whole situation coming forth.

After several weeks of bargaining with me I accepted to talk to him using a video call thou me I wasn’t able to see anything but he asked my children to send him my right hand palm names date of birth and the picture of my feet and he was open enough to explain the reason why he asked for those things, after 30 minutes he reverted and told me that there is a bit evil which was waiting for you just to step foot on African soil and it was done right after you gave birth to your first twins by a jealous person who was left not because of you but you were the person who replaced her in someone’s life and you are not blind its evil covering your eyes.

He told me what was required of me to do for starters so that I can open my eyes, I took a lip of faith because what he explained didn’t make sense at the time but I did it, was told that my children should spit bit of saliva in a snow white cloth and wipe my eyes and miraculously I started seeing blur things after a very long while and just before 2 hours pasted I got my vision back at that moment I thanked God for answering our prayers because I didn’t think I would be able to ever be able to see.

Because I witnessed the Natural super divine power first hand I was very open to ask much more and this doctor mentioned other things he does and has done for a very many people all over the world like, Divorce, court cases, bringing back lost lovers, Marriages, finding love among the so many that you can always contact him to solve your problems in less than 24 hours and his the kind who keeps his word. In time and results and all this I never got any back fire and it’s the reason am able to testify today of the great work he did for me.

All the problems I had for a long time started going so fast in a miraculous way that no one believed all this questions, visitors and strangers who knew me from a distance kept asking how all this got to clear out in a very short time and my answer was the same, the Greatest most powerful Witch Doctor in the world dr. honey love from Africa, east Africa, Uganda. In that tough time I got healed and my Husband started calling me requesting for forgiveness and told me how the woman he was with confessed to him that she was the source of all the illness and the problems that happened to me and he was begging us to get back together but it was something I least wanted at that time just a few days of getting ok and also my children had a very big say on not getting back together.

He kept begging for a long time but I was focusing on my consultancy firm I started which brought me back to the working environment and I can firmly say life is good to me and my children we got a divorce which went so well still by Dr. Helping me out because Solomon travelled to the USA and signed the papers and some of my cut helped me start a multi-million consultancy firm on medical equipment and applications. You can always contact me for any consultation work via mail or send a text or call on +447440694186 for a Whatsapp text.

+256706532311. You can call or reach Dr. Honey Love via a call, text, Whatsapp, Imo, mail or on his website at or you can use email to reach him