Casting Powerful Santeria Love Spell

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Santeria is a religion native to Cuba. Santeria is a very spiritual-religious way of life. Followers believe that everything has a spirit to it which must be honoured and appeased in order to remain in that spirit’s good graces.

Today we are going to see how to cast a powerful Santeria love spell that has come to us through an old central order. This Santeria spell for seduction and love turns to the goddess Oshun for help. You are asked to this particular deity when you want to be more attractive in the eyes of the beloved. Casting powerful santeria love spells.

This goddess must be fed regularly with alcohol and sweet gifts. Their colours are yellow and pink, so if you want to strengthen the power of this spell, you can use those colours for a few days after doing this ritual of Santeria for love. Sugar and honey in this spell will ensure that the sweetness is retained, and the use of coconut prevents loss of control, or the spell will lead to a possible obsession.

Casting Procedure For This Powerful Santeria Love Spell

Break the coconut in half. Remove half the coconut water and to it, add five different types of hard liquor, honey, molasses, white sugar and brown sugar. Casting powerful santeria love spells.

Add the remaining coconut water and then reclose the two halves of coconut putting them together. Tie the coconut with ribbons of pink and yellow and put it in front of a pink candle. Keep the coconut leaves in front of the candle burning for five days.

Ask the goddess Oshun so you can seduce the person you love. Give thanks to the goddess Oshun and finally discarded coconut on the river. This was a free spell. In case you need a loaded Santeria spell for love, contact me now

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