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Candles for love spells. Since the beginning of time candles have played a crucial role when it comes to sacred rituals and ceremonies. They serve to channel different types of energy in the astral worlds toward their intended target or recipient. Candles are able to destroy negative energies that could stand in the way of a ritual.

At the same time, they also create and enhance positive energies within the ritual. In the process of casting love spells, we always use candles for certain purposes. In the process of using candles for love spells, we may dress the candles in a combination of rose oil, honey, vetiver, jasmine, lilac, and lavender to enhance their efficacy.

Additionally, if you are casting the spell with a particular person in mind that you are hoping to attract, then you should also have their photo and date of birth to be able to tap into their inner spirit and being.


A lot of times when we cast love spells, we use a certain color of candles. For the most basic we always use white candles. White signifies the essence of purity. It represents something virgin or untouched. White candles purify and neutralize the energies around us.

We then fuse this energy with your love and send it on its way to the intended target. So when we wish to attract new love or relationships, then this is the color we go for.

Sometimes in the process of casting love spells, it could backfire for unforeseen reasons. White candles thus become an important tool in absorbing the returning energy. It burns down this energy and keeps you safe when we let it burn all the way.

Red candles are used for more complex situations. Spells like marriage or binding need the intensity, energy, and glow that comes from red candles. So if you want to break up a relationship and get that person to you then use these candles. Therefore contact me for more information on candles for love spells.


Candles for love spell




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