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The DR Congo is a country very rich in mineral and natural resources. Over the decades it has become a major supplier of gold from the African continent. For a lot of people looking for gold, DR Congo is normally top of the list. It has vast deposits of alluvial gold of the highest quality. So if you are looking to buy gold from Congo, then contact us immediately.

We help source physical gold from small artisanal miners and bulk suppliers from all over the Democratic Republic of Congo. All the gold we source is legitimate and genuine, with documentation and paperwork that is verifiable.  So if you are looking to buy the purest and highest quality gold bullion from the Congo, then contact us.

Today, gold has continuously retained and even grown its value. If you are an investor or someone who wants to grow his or her money, make the buying of gold a priority. Let us help you buy gold at the lowest price per gram from the Congo


The economic instability of recent years has triggered the purchase of physical gold. This precious metal is more than an investment that helps a person to achieve profitability. Gold is insurance and a way to own something with real value. It will continue to have its value at the same rate within the next 50 years.

Experts advise that individuals should have at least 10% to 20% of their portfolio invested in physical gold. If you are among those with a mind to invest in gold, then let us help you in this endeavor.


The leading suppliers of gold from DR Congo on the African continent. We have decades of experience in the gold trade and are very trusted and reliable.  Source the purest and highest quality 24K gold from the Congo and other parts of the African continent. We will source gold bullion at the most competitive prices on the continent. Therefore contact us now to buy gold from Congo.


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