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In times of global market uncertainties, gold becomes the commodity of choice for wise investors. The gold trade right now is very lucrative. With investors looking to buy gold, the African gold market has grown exponentially. So if you are looking to buy gold from Africa then you are at the right place. We supply gold from a number of African countries such as Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, and Equatorial Guinea to mention but a few. Our gold is of high and pure quality, yet very cheap and affordable. So if you are looking to join the gold trade, then contact us to help you.


The gold we offer is gold dore bars that you can process further. The purity ranges from 92+ to 96+ but at very affordable prices. There is no better opportunity than this to maximize your profits. The fact that we are selling this gold at wholesale prices and considerably below LMBA spot prices means you get a great return on your investment. Over the years we have supplied considerable amounts of gold to a number of overseas clients. We therefore know this business very well and are ready to assist you. So if you are looking to buy gold from Africa, then contact us immediately.


When you buy gold from us, it comes with all the necessary paperwork and documentation. The gold we sell is from legitimate sources and that means you can transport in anywhere in the world without worrying about getting in trouble. And if you need assistance with customs, taxes and transportation we also help with that. We will connect you to accredited customs agents to help you through the export process and make sure you have all the required documentation to transport your gold legally. So if you are looking to buy gold from Africa, then contact us now.