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With the uncertainty in global markets, bonds and equities, savvy and prudent investors the world over are looking for other avenues to invest their money. In these hard and perilous times, gold becomes a critical custodian of wealth. From normal individual investors to Central Banks, gold has become the investment of last resort. So if you are looking to buy gold for investment, then contact us immediately.

We are here to supply you with the highest quality and most affordable investment gold bars from Africa. Our gold bars can be supplied starting at 200 grams up to 10 kilograms at 22 karat or 24 karat purity. Buying gold bars from us guarantees you maximum future profits as our prices are unbeatable. Our prices are below prevailing market prices because of our extremely low-cost base. We source our gold directly without the use of brokers or middlemen enabling us to pass the price savings onto our clients.

Buy Gold For Investment In Bulk

While we cater to small individual buyers, special discounts are however afforded to bulk buyers. We offer a completely safe and secure environment for all gold bullion transactions. For those looking for increased profitability, the best bet is to buy investment gold bars in bulk. Special discounts mean the cheapest and lowest prices you can get anywhere on the African continent. A bulk sale doesn’t mean we compromise on the quality and purity of your gold bullion. All the gold bullion is sourced from the rich mines in the Great Lakes region but more especially from the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you are wondering how it feels to get hold of physical gold make sure that you come and buy the metal from us.

Buy Gold For Investment With Legal Documents

All gold bars procured through us come with all the required legal documentation. All our gold bullion is from verified and legitimate sources and meets all local and international legal standards. We are not involved in the illegal or illicit gold trade that is rife in Africa. We value our relationships with our clients and would not want them to fall foul of the law. Apart from providing legal documentation, we also do customs clearance to enable you to transport your gold to your destination of choice. Therefore contact us immediately to start investing in gold.


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